Danica R.
Submitted 01/20/21
Autoimmune conditions are weird and symptoms can change over time. Dr. Baker is always so attentive and thoughtful as we discuss whatever I am feeling in the moment.

Jennifer M.
Submitted 01/15/21
Very pleasant and thorough Doctor. I’m excited to meet her in person.

ChuNin W.
Submitted 12/14/20
Dr Baker figured out my diagnosis on 1st visit and treated accordingly. She is the best doctor I’ve ever encountered, truly amazing!

ChuNin W.
Submitted 12/14/20
Dr Susan Baker is the best doctor we’ve experienced ever! We were w UCLA before and we will never go back, since we found Dr Baker:)

Andrea W.
Submitted 10/15/20
Dr Baker was listening and communicating with me. She also is giving me some new supplements to help keep me healthy. She is concerned and very good. I like her a lot.

Danny F.
Submitted 10/14/20
Always the most caring, thoughtful and considerate. Dr. Baker is the doctor you wish everyone had. She is knowledgeable about the latest medical research and medications. My wife and I always feel like we are in the best of hands.

Hildy H.
Submitted 09/29/20
As always Dr. Baker asked good questions and gave me clear answers.

Bonnie L L.
Submitted 09/13/20
This was my first appointment with Dr. Baker and I was greatly impressed. She was thorough, caring, attentive and seemed genuinely interested in helping me.

Carole B.
Submitted 09/12/20
Dr. Baker is thoughtful, caring, considerate highly professional doctor. She is always very friendly and focused on finding the best solution to your medical problem. She is always available on email, and her qualified staff will enable you to get an appointment with her in a few days or a week max. I always enjoy a visit to see Dr. Baker because she treats me as a friend rather than a client. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a new health professional!!

Marcy W.
Submitted 09/05/20
The only thing that would have made my visit better would have been an in person visit! Dr Baker is great!!

Christina H.
Submitted 08/29/20
1st visit with Dr Baker and her staff. Very pleasant and attentive staff. I was impressed with Dr Baker. Asked questions, took vials of blood, thorough exam. Before giving answers regarding my Sclerderma, will discuss at next appointment once results are back from blood work.

Sara H.
Submitted 08/12/20
Dr. Baker responds quickly. I love in La Quinta CA and she is my primary care physician.

Christina H.
Submitted 08/11/20
A very pleasant speaking doctor who, I feel, was also very thorough. A secure feeling knowing she cares. Thank you for your concern

Jeanne M.
Submitted 08/08/20
Always great with Dr . Baker. She’s kind, caring and listens to all your needs. She’s the best.

Lynn H.
Submitted 08/07/20
Dr. Baker is a phenomenal physician that gives individualizes her approach to with each patient, utilizes data and patient symptoms to make decisions, and delivers personalized healthcare ensuring that each patient is giving the right treatment at the right time. With the use of remote technology, I have been able to access her from 3,000 miles a way and as a result I feel the quality of my life will be greatly improved .

Michelle P.
Submitted 07/08/20
Dr. Baker is the best of the best. She has been my doctor for 17 years (wow!) and helped me successfully navigate some challenging, scary medical issues. She is smart, thorough, compassionate, proactive, and generous. I am forever grateful to have Dr. Baker and crew on my team.

Jay B.
Submitted 07/08/20
It is always wonderful to be treated like family!

Traci S.
Submitted 06/28/20
I very much appreciate the safety protocols put in place for patients and staff during this difficult time.

Jordan W.
Submitted 06/28/20
Claudia was great. Listened to me. Took appropriate COVID measures. No waiting with other patients. Painless procedure.

Mary H.
Submitted 06/22/20
As always a great experience and I arrive on time and never have to wait. The Team is very professional and Dr Baker is an excellent Rheumatologist who listens to me and advises on the best treatments.